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Phi Alpha Delta

Week of April 7, 2003


Not a Member of Phi Alpha Delta Yet?



We offer our members many advantages and great benefits while a student here at Chicago-Kent and beyond graduation:

  • Opportunities for Career Development, including a resume review and mock interview sessions conducted by practicing attorneys;

  • Opportunities for Community Service, including trips to a local Chicago high school to present legal related education allowing the high school students an opportunity to learn about a case, present it, and advocate for or against it.

  • Opportunities for Networking, including meeting other law students here at Kent, other law students in the Chicagoland area, practicing attorneys in the Chicagoland area, and Phi Alpha Delta alumni across the nation.

All of this and much, much more for a ONE TIME ONLY fee of $90, which covers your entire membership during law school.


For any questions, comments or concerns, please email:
Erik Anderson - Justice          -

Derek Church -  Vice Justice -


To learn more about Phi Alpha Delta as an international fraternity, please go to:


May 6, 5:30pm - Room C40

End of the year meeting :

              Pick up your pins and certificates

              Election of new officers

                        -Are you interested in becoming an officer of the executive

                          board for next year?  Positions available:

                          Justice, Vice Justice, Clerk, Marshal, Treasurer


              Email Derek Church for more details about positions



Justice                  *Erik Anderson *

Vice Justice *       *Derek Church *

Clerk                     *Brianne Murphy *

Marshall               *Megan Lopp *  

Treasurer              *Todd Zoellick *

Alumni Relations *Matthew Kiverts *

Co-Social Chair  *Barbara Borowski *

Co-Social Chair  *Violet Borowski *



2002-2003 1L CLASS REPS

Section A:             *Kati Hausrath*

                               *Kirsten Wendela*      

Section B:             *Barbara Carroll*       

                               *Marjorie Baltazar*    

                               *Justin Brackett*       

Section C:             *Diana Zhitnitsky*    

                               *Lisa Herman*           

Evening Reps:      *Steven Bauer*    

                               *Matt Wasserman*




Password and username available to PAD members only.

Baker -Evidence
Baker - Property Law
Bosselman -Property Law
Brown -International Law
Brill - Torts
Conviser -Business Organizations 1999
Deutsch - Property Law
Greenberg -Admin Law Outline
Greenberg -Admin Law Chart
Gross - Professional Responsibility
Kadish - Evidence
Kadish2 - Evidence(98)
Kling - Evidence
Kling2 -Evidence Objections Summer 2000
Kling3 -Evidence Outline Summer 2000
Kling4 -Evidence Objections Summer 2002
KlingPR -Professional Responsibility
Laser - Civil Procedure 1
Laser - Civil Procedure 2
Leslie - Contracts
Marder - CivPro1
Marder - CivPro2
Marder - CivPro3
Marder - CivPro4
Marder -Judges, Juries, and Trials
Nahmod - Constitutional Law
Rudstein - Criminal Law
Rudstein - Criminal Procedure
Spak - Commercial Papers
Steinman - Civil Procedure
Stewart - Civil Procedure
Stewart - Civil Procedure
Strand - Entertainment Law
Tarlock - Property Law
Tarlock - Property 2002
Unknown - Criminal Procedure
Warner - Contracts
Wright - Justice Spring 2002




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