Society of Women in Law:
News & announcements for the week of
February 15, 1999

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Winner of the SBA's Award for "Outstanding Student Organization of the Year" in 1998  
WIL Alumnae/i-Student Reception Feb. 16th 
We are happy to announce that on Tuesday, February 16, 1999, Women in Law and the Office of Alumnae/i and Student Relations are hosting a reception at Woman Made Gallery from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.   Chicago-Kent alums and students will have the opportunity to network with each other while enjoying the gallery, which showcases works from female artists.  

If you would like to attend, please RSVP (ASAP) by e-mailing us at 

Students will be traveling to the reception by cab in groups.  If you would like to join these groups, please meet in the Lobby of the law school building at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  Executive Board members will be escorting students to the Gallery.  

Written a Great Outline? Please donate it to WIL! 
WIL has a bank of outlines prepared by Chicago-Kent students for first-year and upperclass classes.  But in order to keep our bank current, we need outlines donated each semester.  If you've created great outlines for any of your classes, please consider donating them to WIL.  These outlines are then available to dues-paying WIL members for future semesters. To help save some trees, outlines will be accepted in electronic form only.  Please just e-mail WIL at with your outlines, telling us the class, the professor, the textbook(s) used in class, the semester & year, your name, and the program in which the outline is written (e.g. WordPerfect 7.0, Word 7).  If you have any questions about our outline bank, please click here or e-mail Sita Balthazar-Thomas, our Secretary, at 

If you would like to request a WIL outline, you must be a dues-paying member.  You can send your request to Sita (e-mail above).  Any requests made after 2/5 will be processed as time allows. 

General Membership Meetings  
Mark your calendars now for our next general meetings, scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th at 3:00 p.m. and Thursday, February 25th at 5:00 p.m. (Room TBA).   We will be talking about our upcoming Bake Sale (Tuesday, March 2nd) and our dress drive for the Glass Slipper Project (Tuesday, March 2nd - Thursday, March 4th).  Please come to the meetings to sign-up to sit at the tables in the Spak for the bake sale or dress drive and also to bake some goodies for the bake sale!
We will also be discussing upcoming speaker events, so don't miss it!

REMINDER:Have you paid your membership dues yet?  
Please remember to pay your dues for the 1998-'99 year.  A $10.00 check made payable to Women in Law can be left in the WIL mailbox on the 2nd Floor.  Payment of dues allows you to participate in elections and mentorship programs, receive WIL outlines and discounts on WIL merchandise, and makes you eligle for our fellowships!  Dues are used to fund programs and social events throughout the year, as well as fellowships we give to students over the summer to help pay for expenses when they volunteer with a public service agency.  Thank you! 
1998-'99 WOMEN IN LAW  
Charis Runnels, President 
Abigail Kell, Vice President 
Stephanie Benway, Vice President 
Kimberly DeMarino, Treasurer 
Sita Balthazar-Thomas, Secretary 
Heather Fritch, Mentorship Coordinator 
Faye Hizon, 1L Day Division Rep. 
Sonia Kosar, 1L Evening Division Rep. 
If you have any questions about WIL membership, check out our webpage at or e-mail us at 

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