Society of Women in Law:
News & announcements for the week of
March 8, 1999

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Winner of the SBA's Award for "Outstanding Student Organization of the Year" in 1998  
It's Not Too Late to Bring in Your Dresses for the Glass Slipper Project!  
Although our drive in the Spak is over, the dresses, shoes and other accessories will not be picked up from Chicago-Kent until next Wednesday, March 10th after 5:00 p.m.  Therefore, if you still have items you would like to donate, you can drop them off outside the WIL office (#C-78) through Wednesday.  Items are also being collected at the Chicago Bar Association building (321 S. Plymouth Court) through March 31.  The Glass Slipper Project was started recently by several young female attorneys who gather donated prom dresses, bridesmail dresses and other formal dresses, plus accessories (shoes, purses, etc.), and then distributes them to local high school girls who lack the financial means to purchase a dress for their prom. 

Bake Sale a Success!
Thank you so much to everyone who baked treats, sat at the table, and/or bought some of our goodies!  We beat our goal of $100 - the grand tally for our efforts is $112! 

Congratulations and thank you again to the following bake sale/glass slipper drive volunteers: Megan Oliver, Sita Balthazar, Shannon Freed, Andrea Ricker, Pam Quigley, Melanie Maron, Faye Hizon, Gwen Duffield, Michele Katz, Stephanie Long, Joy O'Shell, Heather Fritsch, Sonia Kosar, Heather Ast, Bethany Schols, Charis Runnels, and Bethany Schols' Mom (she made the variety of delicious color-coded wrapped bar cookies!).

5th Annual Chicago International Women's Day Conference 
Saturday, March 6, 1999, from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at Chicago-Kent College of Law. 
International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history. Celebrated each year on March 8th worldwide, it is a day to recognize the vast contribution women have made and continue to make to history.  International Women's Day is commemorated at the United Nations 
and is designated in many countries as a national holiday.  This year marks the 5th year that the city of Chicago officially celebrates International Women's Day.  Chicago-Kent will host the Celebration! 
All Chicago-Kent law students are encouraged and welcome to participate and/or volunteer at the conference.  For more info, email Sita Balthazar at 

Thanks to the Chicago-Kent students who are volunteering their time at the conference, the student organizations who are sponsoring the event (Amnesty International, Black Law Student Association, International Law Society, and Women in Law), and the Chicago-Kent faculty members, especially Katharine Baker and Michele Richardson, who are speaking at the conference, this conference will be a great success! 

Endorsing organizations include:  African-American Women Evolving, Amnesty International, Chicago Abortion Fund, Chicago Rape Crisis Center, 8th Day Center for Justice, League of Black Women, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, NOW-Chicago, UNIFEM, Women's Action Coalition and Women's International League of Peace & Freedom. 

WIL Needs Outlines!  
Everyone who requested outlines from WIL should have received them by now.  If you didn't receive an outline you requested, it's because we don't have an outline for the class/professor.  Only three students submitted new outlines to us this semester, so we're desperate for other outlines.  We are still seeking outlines from the following classes (if you requested outlines for any of these classes, we will send them out to you if and when we get these outlines):

1.  Remedies
2.  Sports law
3.  Business Organizations
4.  Evidence
5.  Illinois Civil Procedure
6.  Health care law
7.  Products Liability
8.  Estates and trusts
9.  International Human Rights
10.  Conflict of Laws

If you have these or other outlines you're willing to donate, please send them to us.  To help save some trees, outlines will be accepted in electronic form only.  Please just e-mail WIL at with your outlines, telling us the class, the professor, the textbook(s) used in class, the semester & year, your name, and the program in which the outline is written (e.g. WordPerfect 7.0, Word 7).  If you have any questions about our outline bank, please click here or e-mail Sita Balthazar-Thomas, our Secretary, at 

WBAI Student Board Update
The WBAI Student Board, on which Charis, Heather and Stephanie sit as Chicago-Kent representatives, is continuing its efforts.  In the next few weeks we will be distributing a survey for students to help guide the Board's efforts to create programming and activities that will benefit law students throughout Chicago.  We would appreciate it if all WIL members, regardless of whether you're also a WBAI member, would complete the survey.  Watch this space for more information. 

The Board will also continue it's speaker series by having each program hosted by a different member school.  Students from all law schools are welcome and encouraged to attend all of these programs.  

  • In early April, Loyola will schedule a presentation on job search techniques.
  • On April 16th from 12:00 - 5:00 p.m., Northwestern will have its annual Feminist Symposium.  A series of panels focusing on women's issues in the workplace today is planned.  The first panel will feature attorneys who have each dealt with balancing family and work different ways (part time partners, women who depend on daycare, a woman whose husband quit to stay at home with kids).  The next session will have a panel on coming out in the workplace, as well as a panel on women in traditionally male fields (a judge, criminal defense, patent work, securities).  The next session will feature one panel on moving from the private sector to the public sector and the panel on networking and rainmaking techniques featuring two WBAI members.  The day will finish up at 3:30p.m. with a keynote speaker (TBA) and a reception.
  • Chicago-Kent and DePaul will host speakers next Fall.  Our program will focus on dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.  
In addition, the WBAI is planning another reception for student members and new admittees to the Illinois Bar.  The reception will be after the May swearing in for February bar takers.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the WBAI, please contact Charis, Stephanie or Heather for more information or application forms. 

REMINDER:Have you paid your membership dues yet?  
Please remember to pay your dues for the 1998-'99 year.  A $10.00 check made payable to Women in Law can be left in the WIL mailbox on the 2nd Floor.  Payment of dues allows you to participate in elections and mentorship programs, receive WIL outlines and discounts on WIL merchandise, and makes you eligle for our fellowships!  Dues are used to fund programs and social events throughout the year, as well as fellowships we give to students over the summer to help pay for expenses when they volunteer with a public service agency.  Thank you! 
1998-'99 WOMEN IN LAW  
Charis Runnels, President 
Abigail Kell, Vice President 
Stephanie Benway, Vice President 
Kimberly DeMarino, Treasurer 
Sita Balthazar-Thomas, Secretary 
Heather Fritch, Mentorship Coordinator 
Faye Hizon, 1L Day Division Rep. 
Sonia Kosar, 1L Evening Division Rep. 
If you have any questions about WIL membership, check out our webpage at or e-mail us at 

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