Society of Women in Law:
News & announcements for the week of
May 3, 1999

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Winner of the SBA's Award for "Outstanding Student Organization of the Year" in 1998  
1999-2000 Executive Board
It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of our elections - the following individuals, along with two 1L representatives to be elected next Fall, comprise the Executive Board for 1999-2000 (class years designate what each person's year will be when they serve next year): 

President:    3L Heather Fritsch
Vice President (Day):     2L Faye Hizon
Vice President (Eve):     2L Sonia Kosar
Secretary:     2L Jessica Bank
Treasurer:     2L Megan Oliver
Mentorship Coordinator:     3L Michele Katz

All of the elections were very close, and we encourage ALL who participated to continue your involvement in Women in Law, regardless of your official position within the organization. This organization is only as strong as its members!

Two Lucky Students Awarded Summer Fellowships
2L Heather Ast received a $750 partial fellowship for her 2 day/week volunteer work at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, where she will work in the Labor/Employment group in the Civil Actions Bureau.

1L Jessica Bank received a $2,500 full fellowship for her full-time volunteer work at the Office of the Cook County Public Guardian.  (Funds for this fellowship were from WIL & KJF.)

Both Jessica and Heather have been active in WIL during their time at Chicago- Kent and we wish them the best during their upcoming summer.  They'll tell us all next Fall about their experiences!

3L Sita Balthazar-Thomas wins first annual Esther Rothtein Award
At the Spring Reception last week, 3L Sita Balthazar-Thomas was awarded the honor of receiving the first annual Esther Rothstein Award from Women in Law.  Mr. Alan Zenoff, '77 grad and nephew of Ms. Rothstein's, gave a very moving speech portraying his Aunt and the kind of wonderful woman she was.  Charis then shared with those in attendance snippets from Sita's very moving and inspirational personal statement.  Although the award was originally $250, a few weeks ago we received a check for $250 from a woman who had been touched by Ms. Rothstein during her lifetime and wanted to return the favor by matching our gift for the first recipient of the award.  However, since the $250 gift was matched by the Pritzker-Galvin Challenge Grant, we were happy to award Sita with $750 to help defray her costs of traveling to and volunteering in Rawanda, Africa after graduation through Amnesty International with the International Tribunal.

Note from the President
This has been another GREAT year for Women in Law, and I hope that you all have enjoyed participating.  I do sincerely encourage you all to continue your involvement in the organization, either as a student or alumnae/i member.  I do want to sincerely thank this year's board members for all of their hard work and dedication to WIL: Abbie Kell, Stephanie Benway, Kim DeMarino, Heather Fritsch, Sita Balthazar Thomas, Faye Hizon, and Sonia Kosar.   

We presented successful programs, distributed outlines, assisted with 1L moot court arguments, continued our mentorship program, held THREE fabulous receptions, had opportunities to network with alumnae/i and other female attorneys in Chicago, had some fun social events, sponsored a team for the "Step Out to Stop Abuse" 10K walk, assisted with the Glass Slipper Project, and raised funds through bakesales, raffles and donations for our Fellowship Fund, Rothstein Award, and general operating costs of the organization.  And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head!  

Thanks to all and good luck with finals!  

1998-'99 WOMEN IN LAW  
Charis Runnels, President 
Abigail Kell, Vice President 
Stephanie Benway, Vice President 
Kimberly DeMarino, Treasurer 
Sita Balthazar-Thomas, Secretary 
Heather Fritch, Mentorship Coordinator 
Faye Hizon, 1L Day Division Rep. 
Sonia Kosar, 1L Evening Division Rep. 

If you have any questions about WIL membership, check out our webpage at or e-mail us at 
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