Society of Women in Law:
News & announcements for the week of
August 28-September 3

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Winner of the SBA's Award for "Outstanding Student Organization of the Year" in 1998


Welcome, welcome, welcome! The Society of Women in Law Executive Board would like to invite each and every one of you to join us and participate in some of our exciting events. For those of you who are not familiar with what we do, here are a few of WIL's organizational goals:  

  • to identify the special needs of women law students;
  • to facilitate and assist in meeting those needs by enhancing access to existing student organizations, school administration and services; 
  • to ensure that the interests of women law students are reflected in the curriculum; 
  • to provide information and resources for academic and professional advancement;
  • to encourage the continued hiring and promotion of women faculty; 
  • to create opportunities to hear professionals and other speakers on topics of special interest to women law students; 
  • to enhance career counseling and career placement services for women; 
  • to network with other women law student societies;
  • to provide an opportunity for women law students to voice their concerns or needs as a cohesive group;
  • to provide an atmosphere in which women law students can work together as a group to meet their own individual wants and needs; and to serve the community. 
WIL strives to meet its organizational goals through monthly membership meetings, representation at 1L Orientation, forums, Student Bar Association meetings (including a presence at the Student Organization Committee meetings), special presentations, mentoring programs, outline exchange programs, lectures, brown bag lunch gatherings, conferences, community public service, and more.  
WIL sponsors or co-sponsors many programs throughout the year covering a myriad of topics, as evidenced by recent programs on domestic violence, sexual harassment, networking, the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995 and balancing work and personal life.  
  • To encourage educational and networking opportunities for law students, WIL encourages participation in the numerous bar associations found in Chicago, such as the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, the Chicago Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Black Women Lawyers Association, the Latina Lawyers of the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois, and others.  

  • The 2000 Executive Board

    Megan Oliver, President
    Melanie Maron, Vice-President
    Gina Habermas, Secretary
    Chantal Host, Treasurer

    If you are interested in joining The Society of Women in Law, please contact us at

    Look for us in the Spak! WIL is selling shorts with a Chicago-Kent logo all semester.The shorts are grey cotton athletic shorts that are perfect for working out,lounging around or STUDYING FOR FINALS!! The shorts are $12 for one or $20 for two.If you can help us out and sit and sell the shorts in the Spak ANY time at all,that would be wonderful! If you'd like to help, please email WIL and let us know when you can sit.

    Please pay your dues!  You may either put a check in an envelope 
    into the WIL mailbox on the second floor, or you may give cash to Chantal Host, WIL's Treasurer.  Thanks.

    ...Mark those calendars!!

    First General Meeting:TBA (Watch the Record and e-mail for details)
    2000-2001 WOMEN IN LAW 
    President:    3L Megan Oliver
    Vice President (Day):     3L Melanie Maron Vice President (Eve):      
    Secretary:     3L Gina Habermas 
    Treasurer:     3L Chantal Host 
    Mentorship Coordinator:    
    Publicity Coordinator:     

    If you have any questions about WIL membership, 
    check out our webpage at
    or e-mail us at

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