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Chicago-Kent Students

Instructions for students who have never logged in to the myIIT portal

To access the myIIT portal for the first time, each student must log in using his or her IIT-assigned UID (User ID) for the username and the IIT-assigned Banner ID number as part of the password. Please note that your IIT-assigned UID is not necessarily the same as your username for logging in to the Chicago-Kent network or webmail.

On subsequent visits to the myIIT portal, you’ll continue to use your IIT-assigned UID as your username along with a password you create during the process outlined below.

1. Find your UID (User ID) online

To find your UID, go to Submit the online form to look up your UID.

2. Find your Banner ID

Your Banner ID number is the ID number that you received when you were admitted. It is also located on your Financial Aid Award Letter or Financial Aid e-mail notification. If you cannot locate your Banner ID number please call IIT's Office of Technology Services at 312.567.3375.

3. Access the myIIT portal

myIITOnce you have your UID and Banner ID, you can access the myIIT portal at or from links on the Chicago-Kent Web site and the IIT Web site. (Look for the myIIT icon.)

On the myIIT login page, enter your myIIT username and password in the login area on the left side of the screen:

  • Your username is your IIT-assigned UID.
  • Your temporary password is an eight-digit number formed by the two-digit month (MM) and the two-digit day (DD) of your birthday, followed by the last four digits of your Banner ID (####), as in MMDD####. For example, if your birthday were June 8 and the last four digits of your Banner ID were 1234, your password would be 06081234.
  • The system will then ask you to change your password. Please do so.


If you need assistance, contact IIT’s Office of Technology Services (OTS) Support Desk online at or by calling 312.567.3375.


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